Our fleet contains more than 50 tippers in various varieties and sizes. We use these to transport materials such as molten asphalt, crushed asphalt, sand, slag, rubble, earth, soil and contaminated soil. We aim for the most efficient logistical flows possible, so it goes without saying that we even operate overnight and throughout the weekend. This allows us to supply our services on time and with a focus on quality, safety and sustainability.


In the northern Dutch provinces  we have worked on many large projects over the years. Examples are the Aanpak Ringweg Zuid at Groningen, the doubling of the N33, the doubling of the A37, new coatings for Leeuwarden airport and Twente airport.

Photo on the right: project Leeuwarden airport by Arnoud Schoor, AudioVisuele Dienst Defense (AVDD)

exceptioneel transport

Logistical coordination

We can coordinate large, logistics-intense projects on your behalf, including the necessary supervision, scheduling and administrative tasks. We act as a logistical extension of your own organisation.

We have taken on the coordination of various projects. These include a number of airport projects, the twinning of the A37 from Hoogeveen to the German border and the twinning of the N33 from Assen to Zuidbroek.


Delivery of sand and soil

You have come to the right place for the delivery of various types of sand and soil. Whether it concerns 1 load or 1000 loads, we ensure a constant and timely delivery in consultation with our customers. The emphasis is on safety, sustainability and efficiency.


Ground work

With our experienced operators and Volvo shovels, we can load your tippers and handle your ground work tasks. Thanks to our knowledge and direct contact with our drivers, we can complete a lot of work in a short period of time!



Using our Nooteboom low-loaders in various configurations, we can transport asphalt pavers, steamrollers and other roadbuilding equipment.
We have two low-loader trailers that we use with our regular trucks to transport your equipment.


Transport coordinator

In conjunction with our clients’ supervisors and project managers, our transport coordinator ensures the smooth progression of larger projects. He coordinates the most efficient possible supply and removal of raw materials. He also makes sure that lines of communication between supervisors, drivers and our planning department are short.

The coordinator is present on-site. He is most familiar with the situation and can therefore respond quickly. This means that unnecessary downtime is avoided.