Open and Flatbed

We have vast experience in transport using open flatbed trailers, semis and low-loaders. Our loads include construction materials, garden timber, machinery and equipment.

Oversized transport

We can handle all your oversized transport requirements thanks to our Euro low-loader, semi low-loaders with mounting ramps, single or dual extendable steering trailers and extendable semis.

We have up-to-date width, height and length transport permits that apply in the Netherlands and Germany.
We also arrange the necessary licenses, authorisations and pilot vehicles.

exceptioneel transport

Construction-related transport

Wigchers Int. Transport has more than 40 years of experience in the transport of prefabricated flooring slabs, concrete wall units, blocks, reinforcing steel and other construction-related products.

We are the logistical link between our clients and their customers and consider good communication with contractors very important. Efficient transport supply is only possible if such communication is in place.



We can use our low deck combinations for the transport of, for example, retaining walls, crane parts or containers. The combination has a lower loading floor height and the loading floor is 13.6 meters long. This in combination with a continuous exemption for exceptional transport for the Netherlands. The combinations are also suitable for ADR and due to a lower total weight offers unique possibilities for transport!


Truck-mounted cranes

Our fleet offers a number of options when it comes to the loading and unloading of freight. We have two trucks fitted with 28 ton/metre cranes, and we recently acquired two trucks fitted with 60 ton/metre cranes.

Both these truck-mounted cranes are also suitable for hoisting tasks. This feature, combined with our experience and well-trained drivers, means that our truck-mounted cranes can be used for a range of tasks.

Please contact us for more information about the available options.



We take great care when transporting your valuable equipment and expensive machinery, because such equipment or machinery often forms part of complex systems. You can count on us for damage-free transport and on-time delivery.

Wigchers Int. Transport pays a lot of attention to the securing of its loads. We can also advise you on preparing shipments for transport.

Exceptioneel transport
Exceptioneel transport

Truck-mounted forklifts

When transporting pallet goods, bulk bags, blocks, potting soil and garden timber, we use one of our fifteen truck-mounted forklifts. This means that work is done quickly and efficiently, because we are immediately able to unload at your site or any other customer destination. These portable forklifts are secured to the rear of our open flatbeds and tautliners.


Brick trailer

In addition to our truck-mounted cranes, we also have a trailer-mounted grapple for the unloading of cargo such as pallet goods, bricks or interlocking megablocks.

We can also use the trailer-mounted grapple in conjunction with our other trailers. This brick trailer is ideal for use on a project-specific basis.