We have more than 65 years of experience in the loading and bulk transport of agricultural products, including sugar beets, starch potatoes and grain. We are GMP+ certified and pay plenty of attention to safety and quality.

Logistical coordination

In addition to the transport and loading of your products, we also negotiate collection schedules with growers. This obviously takes place in close consultation with our customers.

Exceptioneel transport


We also handle the loading of harvested crops on behalf of our customers. This can be done with the use of a shovel or crane, depending on the available options and your preferences.


Sugar beets

We have transported sugar beets to Hoogkerk for factory processing for over 60 years. Throughout the September to January season, we haul sugar beets on a 24-hour basis with the use of our bulk tippers. We use shovels for loading purposes.



During the harvest season, we haul grain to the Ems Harbour or to Kampen. These operations are highly weather-dependent, so require a lot of flexibility on our part.

We maintain direct contact with the various crop farmers and loading depots. Together, we make sure that the harvest is transported quickly and efficiently.